tcm  twenty               
   portable tape machine walkman style,   
   with recording, usually drunk or so,   
          creating the tape canon         
    as such, the eraser head should be    
       it's taking the place of the       
  tcm onefifty, may they rest in peace,   
       sporting additional features:      
    tempo knob - an external speed hole   
    half speed switch - great for lofi    
 microphone input - for certain mics only 
    voice only recording - a weird gate   
      more info as i get used to it.      
              stay tuned...               
              more info time              
 this  mofo got  messed  up. weird  tech. 
 like  an idiot  i tried to screw it back 
 together  with  a lot of junk  inside to 
 keep   the  pressure,   but   this  only 
 worsened things...                       
 these days  it lies belly up without its 
 protective shell. it works!  but only if 
 youre very delicate.                     
         additional more info time        
 i  just  soldered ground  straight  onto 
 the side  of  the motor and now it works 
 again,   even    thhoui   lost   te 
 hl      n     the      process...