list of vanished artifacts        
   list of vanished artifacts   
       things i've bought in shops      
  teal tape player with too many buttons  
   a crate of used ibm floppy disks - a   
         cent for the whole thing         
   brand new floppy disks in aluminum or  
               clear plastic              
       ikea/te frekvens microphones       
                ny fatcap                 
  multilevel fold-out copper/glass mirror 
  (could reflect sunlight even without a  
        line of sight to the sun)         
  two super long grundig dictaphones in   
         purple/pink gold colours         
          pebble-sized coins with         
           playstation symbols            
  collection of two centimeter high amber 
    figurines of various creatures and    
        things i've been gifted         
    a computer (looked like a gen three   
 imac) filled with blueprints for planes  
           and sleek spaceships           
  six by three cm glittery furry sticker  
   (grinning purple wolf on yellow-green  
     tiny metal dragon/horse figurine     
      old instant camera with three       
       dimensional focusing joystick      
    photographs of my teeth and tongue,   
        taken from inside my mouth        
  monster truck-sized regular car with a  
        minimum speed of forty kmh        
           stolen/found things          
    strange and very large flash card     
    cassette tape tagged with blue ink    
  sticker sheet (tiny foxes doing various 
            facial expressions)           
    lots of toothpick-sized drippy pens   
         with fluorescent neon ink        
  mirror that shows you post-transition