List Of Vanished Artifacts        
   List Of Vanished Artifacts   
      Things I'Ve Bought In Shops       
  Teal Tape Player With Too Many Buttons  
   A Crate Of Used Ibm Floppy Disks - A   
         Cent For The Whole Thing         
   Brand New Floppy Disks In Aluminum Or  
               Clear Plastic              
       Ikea/Te Frekvens Microphones       
                 Ny fatcap                
  Multilevel Fold-Out Copper/Glass Mirror 
  (Could Reflect Sunlight Even Without A  
        Line Of Sight To The Sun)         
  Two Super Long Grundig Dictaphones In   
         Purple/Pink Gold Colours         
         Pebble-Sized Coins With          
           Playstation Symbols            
        Things I'Ve Been Gifted         
   A Computer (Looked Like A Gen Three    
  Imac) Filled With Blueprints For Planes 
           And Sleek Spaceships           
  Six By Three Cm Glittery furry sticker  
  (Grinning Purple Wolf On Yellow-Green   
     Tiny Metal Dragon/Horse Figurine     
       Old Instant Camera With Three      
       Dimensional Focusing Joystick      
   Photographs Of My Teeth And Tongue,    
        Taken From Inside My Mouth        
           Stolen/Found Things          
    Strange And Very Large Flash Card     
    Cassette Tape Tagged With Blue Ink    
  Sticker Sheet (Tiny Foxes Doing Various 
            Facial Expressions)           
   Lots Of Toothpick-Sized Drippy Pens    
        With Fluorescent Neon Ink         
   Mirror That Shows You Post-Transition