page on unicorn meat.                    
 unicorn  meat  is oily,  iridiescent and 
 slightly   translucent.   due   to   its 
 shrimp-like texture it is  usually cured 
 - mixed  with large  quantities of salt, 
 then  sealed  in  a  dark  room (or pit) 
        to dry over several months.       
 eating the meat is said to give  eternal 
 life. by indulging,  you lose the  grace 
 of  all  gods,  and  no  afterlife  will 
 claim you.  it has  been discovered that 
 this does  not prevent  your  body  from 
 getting hurt or ruined, please be aware. 
           notable persons with           
           unicorn immortality:           
    dremgar alfhildsson, decapitated a   
  thousand years ago, body burned. head   
     is kept in oxford, tenures in old    
    petty king oxmond, locked himself    
  permanently inside the temple of salah  
   ben salah to escape all bodily harm.   
          communicates via radio.         
   aix swylke, theorized that she would  
     not need to eat or breathe. was a    
  feared assasin for a long time but has  
   not been seen for two hundred years.   
   a boy called jackson, given unicorn   
   meat by his father, torn and eaten by  
            cats at age nine.             
      djend, who ate the meat of his     
     enemies, living but crazed "with     
      glory", probably prion disease?     
    timothy leary, launched by rocket    
             into deep space.             
   oleg firmamnov, presently residing in 
   a small house on the kola peninsula,   
  surrounded by a small army of monks who 
        refuse to leave his side.