operation   contrasting valkyrie   
     in the sixties.  the  central    
  intelligence agency  "cia" release  
   aerosolized  selatenine  over  a   
  jupiter equinox concert,  creating  
  the largest secret paradigm  shift  
  that  the world  has ever seen.   
 the  jupiter equinox* concert is part of 
 a  festival in  black tickle arranged by 
 a group called epicenter of love.  there 
 is   no   entrance  but   visitors   are 
 expected  to help with maintenance. food 
 and  drink is  shared.  many  bands  are 
 playing over the four  day course of the 
 festival, and  the stage is open between 
 scheduled   concerts.   jupiter equinox, 
 while an unknown act,  has a prestigious 
 timeslot at  eight in the evening on the 
 third  day,  which  is  friday.       
 eight  is also  when  the plane used  to 
 spread  the  aerosol   lifts   off.   it 
 arrives at the festival  about a quarter 
 past,  sound  masked   by  the  concert. 
 around   when    the   first   wave   of 
 selatenine   must   have   reached   the 
 audience, the song  comes to a tense but 
 quiet  movement,  and  the  lead  singer 
 walks  to  the   front  of   the  stage. 
 she says,  with a  crystalline voice: "i 
 have something to  tell you. i am not  a 
 human  being.  i  am not  an animal or a 
 plant. i  have  been  sent to  deliver a 
 message to  you. a message of  hope. you 
 are not  alone. there  are  other beings 
 in  the  universe.  there  is  life  out 
 there,  life  that  is  reaching  out  a 
 hand. and it's  time  to take that hand. 
 to reach out toward  that hand and  grab 
 it it. it is  time to come home. you are 
 going  home.   you   are   going  home." 
 the   singer  stands  there  for  a  few 
 moments,  her  hand raised  in  the air, 
 before  the  rest of the  band  kicks in 
 and the  music  builds to  a  crescendo. 
 the crowd  erupts.  and  then  something 
 else  erupts  as  well.  a  concert-goer 
 describes  it:   "suddenly,  the   music 
 seams  broader,  more  colorful.  i  can 
 somehow  see it, and  i feel the  others 
 seeing it,  and i  see it through  their 
 eyes  as well.  meanwhile  i'm  dancing, 
 and i  can feel my body  as  i've  never 
 done before,  i  am  aware  of each cell 
 and  each  molecule,  all  vibrating  in 
 unison.  and  it's   all  going  faster, 
 building  up to  something, waking  up." 
 people  start  forming  circles, holding 
 hands  and  dancing.  some  are  crying. 
 some are laughing.  some  are screaming. 
 and  then  - a flutter  -  and something 
 gives.   a   shockwave    of   reversing 
 polarity   in   the   ether,   and  like 
 butterflies  getting  hit by a burst  of 
 wind,  the third eye opens for  everyone 
 in the audience.  and it becomes a chain 
 reaction, quickly spreading  across  the 
 festival  area. within  seconds there is 
 a   global   blackout.  festival   goers 
 regain  their  memories  around  a  week 
 later,  those  in  the  nearby  town  of 
 black tickle  after  a  few   days,   in 
 montreal  for the  evening, the rest  of 
 america  maybe  an  hour.           
 and  thus,  the   population   of  earth 
 has  kind  of  left  it's  materialistic 
 baseline,   only   that   most   do  not 
 remember                             it. 
  * there's an interesting aspect to  
   the  "jupiter equinox"  act.  it   
   seems   there   was   never  any   
  jupiter equinox concerts before or  
  after the one in black tickle. the  
   lead singer  (also  colloquially   
  referred to  as jupiter) seemed to  
  immediately disappear (for  a long  
  while she was thought to have been  
   a  cia  agent,  but  a later foia  
  release refuted this). for obvious  
  reasons, many were looking for any  
   trace  of  the  band,  but  none   
   were fruitful.                     
  recently, however, some attention   
  has been drawn to juniper helding,  
  a sixteen year old pop singer from  
   england who  has a very striking