you see something move in the corner of  
     your eye - probably one of these.    
             backbone animals.            
         cat-snakes, or so called.        
       comes in different flavours.       
  the mink  
  minks, also called the snow ferrets,  
  make up the "wandering food supply"   
  used by the shamans and underlings    
   of kirugu vargir. when called upon,    
   they present themselves, and can be    
  the marten  
  the marten is the sneakier one here,  
  often used for spying, or stealing.   
  in the older tales about vidmi,       
   these are probs the ferrets that she   
   was said to control. this connection   
   might explain why many denizens have   
   this as their main "pet" god.          
  the ermine  
  the lusher one in the family is the   
  ermine. used as bedwarmers, or        
  harvested for their beautiful fur,    
   the white coat, very pretty,           
   although rare.                         
  the mewn  
  one of the most notable in kirugu     
  lore, the otter ferret? it goes in    
   rivers. there are a lot of ferrets,    
   but for some reason, this otter one    
   is hardly ever seen. it might be       
   that it is unbound...?                 
   locals use it for sport fishing.       
  the husky  
  the husky may seem like a dog, but    
  it is actually a kind of ferret.      
   this makes it the largest of the       
   phylum, and it's the most recently     
   evolved as well, bred for use as a     
   predator. it's made more dangerous     
   by the fact that it's almost           
   completely unknown to biologists.