the forest is  a bunch of collectives of 
 plants  and animals appearing on many of 
           the earths surfaces.           
 the plants  tie a knot  with and  around 
    themselves, and the creatures nest    
 the denser,  warmer  regions  -  louder, 
            chaotic, dangerous.           
 toward  the  poles,  silent  and  still. 
 the  colors will change with the seasons 
       in places that have seasons        
         we would travel for days         
 there  can be roads  but  the forest  is 
               the anti-road              
 a  wind,  cool  and  passing   coherence 
      a dense and clingy destination      
          the ultimate biotope!           
 you   might  very  well  die  in   here. 
 if something, a lake or a creature  or a 
 crystal,  is surrounded on all sides  by 
 the  same  forest,  it  is  said  to  be 
                inside it.                
 some  forests  are  older than  man, but 
    many are younger, artificial ones,    
 where  the  trees  are  planted  to   be 
 tales tell of a mysterious  deep forest, 
     a bermuda triangle of the land,      
 accessible  from all forests  at dusk or