parts of the electric computer 
              the resistor              
 it resists electricity. it  can  be good 
 or  bad at  this  and  this property  is 
  measured in ohms. resistors practice  
  aposematism, showing with colours how   
           dangerous they are.            
              the capacitor             
 this  is   an   ephemeral   battery  and 
    voltage multiplier, used for load     
        balancing and for defence.        
              the lodestone             
 stores  a position in  a magnetic  field 
   and outputs electricity when moving    
        closer or further from it.        
           the schottky diode           
 this  component   limits  the  flow   of 
 electricity through itself to go in  one 
             direction only.              
           the mustelid probe           
     measures distance to (uncloaked)     
             the cat wire               
 a  wire  used  to  connect machines  and 
         appliances to each other.        
               the slower               
 slows  down  the operation  of a circuit 
               the furnace              
    exports daemon energy through. some   
               kind of hole               
 not  covered:  water  circuits  (see  my 
 post  on  submerging a  magic  spell  in 
 water   for   details   about   how   to 
             implement them)