ab fubinaca          
            a cannabinoid           
 indeed a  cannabinoid, ab fubinaca  is a 
 last  resort  for  forsaken  people.  it 
   alters your metaphysical trajectory,   
 which  abolutely  dooms you  should  you 
 not  already  be   so.  it  alters  your 
 sleep, makes  it  dusty and  fragmented, 
 vapourous..  until, with  a  high enough 
    dosage, it is completely cauterized   
            from your body...             
 it's  an evil,  alien weed high, trading 
 your  time  for  a  sharper  vision,  so 
 sharp it cuts  right  through  your eyes 
           and into your brain.           
   your muscles are rythmically severed,  
  momentarily losing all connection with  
 the nervous system, and when the  string 
     snaps they keep their trajectory,    
 moving  unthinkingly in a straight line. 
 you  may  adjust  their direction  maybe 
 once  a  second.  everything  happens in 
 chunks, delivered to your  senses  after 
 the  fact.   (it's   somewhat  hard   to 
            breathe like this)            
               tiny report                
  later i'll be fine, but i'm so damn    
   high on the fuub shit. space flight    
  now back later, dwelling. i'm so       
   high that it somehow hurts. also feels 
   as like the eyes are completely dry    
  some shit, now not so high.            
                  well, we fucked shit up 
  now even more sober. i was scared      
   before. ab-fuck is evil and toxic      
   when you're really using it. it only   
   lasts for like fourty minutes though.  
  it seems so ... really weird stuff!    
  a little more sober now and i'm so     
   damn tired. feels like two, three      
   years ago that i got stuck in this     
   fubinaca high, stuck in one and stuck  
   there because ... feels that way. in   
   my brain.                              
  so damn quiet out there. and           
   beautiful, and cute, and. aaaahhhh.    
   robotic soaring. body remodel. tail    
  my eyes have cried out the alien       
   substance and i'm somehow back at my   
   baseline..? i no longer believe i      
   have been damaged, at all