The Honey Is A Condensation Of A Thick  
      Liquid, Inherent To All Mazes.      
  Mainly Collected By The Lizardfolk Of   
     The Kirugu vargir Desert, In The     
     Underlying Tunnels. It'S Use And     
  Possession Is Illegal Within The City.  
    The Honey Is A Reddish Amber, Very    
 Viscous (But Still Pourable). It Smells  
     Slightly Of Eucalyptus, And Has A    
           Mostly Bitter Taste.           
    It'S Highly Addictive, And Possess    
       Strong Psychotropic Effects.       
    The Honey Materializes In Vaccuums    
  Within Any LabyrinthIne Space. The More 
    Folded And Ambiguous, The Faster It   
   Emerges. The Cavernous Systems Under   
     The Desert Of Kirugu Serves This     
   Purpose Very Well - The Lizards Use    
  Pumps To Empty Small Boxes Or Jars Of   
  Air, Which Then Are Left Overnight And  
         Harvested The Next Day.          
  Most Spaces Are Somewhat Mazelike, And  
 It'S Not Uncommon For Lizards In Kirugu  
 Veszelle City To Keep A Few Jars (Often  
  Hanged From The Ceiling In Metal Crowns 
  Made For This Purpose). However, These  
          May Take Weeks To Fill.         
               As A Drug                
                One Spoon               
    The Drug Is Used By The Lizards In    
    These Small (But Often Continuous)    
     Doses. This Heightens The Senses     
  Somewhat But At The Cost Of A Lessened  
     Ability To Multi-Task - Context      
  Switching Might Take Longer And Be More 
              Four Spoons               
   Multitasking Becomes Very Hard (The    
   Thought Does Not Occur). Senses More   
    Acute But "Unimportant" (Ignored).    
  Inner Perceptions Take The Upper Hand,  
   Abstraction And Memory Faculties Are   
   Sharpened Severely. Slight Telepathy   
  (Mostly Moods) With Other Honey Eaters. 
 Sense Of Thirst Dissappears. Still Easy  
      To Move Around The Body (If So      
              Seven Spoons              
  The Honey Eater Becomes Unresponsive To 
   Normal Stimuli, But Able To Override   
      Their Own Senses With Dreamlike     
 Imagery. Sharing Of Thoughts With Other  
  Eaters, Mood Reading Of Those Who Stay  
   Sober (Worth Noting That The Thoughts  
      Are Very Fragmented And Hard To     
  Decipher, Unless You Are At A Similar   
   Level Of Spoons). At This Point The    
 Body Is Hard To Move, And Starts Losing  
         Nine Spoons And Above          
   Overdose. Body Losing Water Quickly,   
  And Is Completely Unable To Move. There 
   Is Intermittent Thought Sharing With   
         Sober Persons (Although          
  Unintelligible). Memeories Are Sharded  
              Or Not Formed.              
  Most Deaths Are Due To Loss Of Water -  
    Thirst Is One Of The Last Senses To   
  Restable After Coming Down, Often Gone  
  For Up To Twenty Four Hours. At Higher  
   Doses It'S Hard To Move, Even If You   
  Would Remember Drinking (Which Is Also  
   Made Harder By The Attention Focusing  
        Properties Of The Honey).         
   People Are Known To Suffer Injuries    
     From Being Still In Unfavourable     
 Climates For Too Long, Sometimes To The  
     Point Of Death. Another Danger Is    
    Actually Locomotion Of The Body...    
     Walking Around Is Still Somewhat     
  Possible After Losing Sight, Which Have 
    Lead To Seveal Falls. Additionally,   
 Robberies Of The Intoxicated Are Common. 
  Lastly, Albeit Very Rare, It'S Possible 
  To Die Of Pure Overdose (On The Scale   
  Of Jars Of Honey) Before Being Killed   
   By Thirst. There Are Rumors That This  
   Leaves "Ghosts", Who Will Still Share  
  Their Thoughts Long After Their Bodies  
            Are Dead And Gone.