train dream                
 you  find  yourself   in   a  rift  -  a 
  clearing, narrow but immeasurably long. 
 to  your sides are walls  made of trees, 
 thick and ready to  swallow you. the sun 
 is nowhere  to  be  seen, but nontheless 
 it is very bright - the air  feels light 
            blue, almost white.           
 along  the span of  the clearing lay two 
    parallel silvery lines, dark hard     
 metal.  somehow  you  can see how  heavy 
                they are.                 
 they  emit   a  high   pitched  whine... 
 youre  at   the   train station,   on  a 
 catwalk  above the  rails. your train is 
 late,  or you  are  late to  the  train. 
 it's a summer afternoon  and the station 
 is  busy, full  of  relaxed  confidence. 
 you're in  high spirits,  although a bit 
 stressed  about  the  time, while moving 
 up the  stairs  to  your  platform.  the 
 station  is   in  several  levels,   all 
     placed within eachother by some      
     intelligent designer, and full of    
      stairs, elevators, shortcuts,       
 bazaars... you sight your train  through 
 some  glass windows.  it's... not  where 
           it's supposed to be?           
 you're finally entering  the city. while 
 it  is  indeed  a very high  speed train 
 you're  traveling  in, the  journey  has 
 been  long.  but  it's  about  to   end! 
 society  is growing  denser  around you, 
 through the windows  you see first small 
 shacks,  built of  metal and stone, then 
 proper houses with  mortar  to keep them 
 together...  who  in turn make  way  for 
   the industrial buildings, the urban    
      maze, protective walls, jungle      
 the tracks  leave the  ground, which  is 
 needed   for  other  purposes.  you  are 
  carried gently, curving upwards until   
 you're moving upward along the  wall  of 
 a  building. it's made  of slabby stone, 
    with great glassless window holes     
 looking  out  the  way you  came. it  is 
            pitch black inside.